Datrium Partnership, Data Storage Solution

Our clients are constantly needing to keep storage costs down while having storage that is fast and reliable. These needs motivated us to find a storage solution that balanced capacity, performance, and cost. In our search, we found the solution by partnering with Datrium. 

One of our top clients, a large southern California county agency, suffered an unrecoverable failure in its storage and backup infrastructure. When we moved to Datrium, we gained increased capacity and better performance and reduced the skillset required to manage the infrastructure. 

We opted to deploy Datrium as the lead storage solution in our own security operations center (SOC) and network operations center (NOC) as well as recommend it to our clients. Now our clients can flexibly choose to have their own dedicated Datrium system on premise or be hosted on a shared Datrium system at the Tec-Refresh data center.

The Datrium DVX is about twice as fast as the county agency’s previous storage solution, and it reduces storage space through deduplication and compression. The agency is on track to save 50% of storage costs over 3-5 years. 

Additionally, Datrium DVX requires little hands-on maintenance. Clients can manage their storage and create new virtual machines (VMs) right in vCenter. Additionally, with no LUNs to create or storage artifacts to manage, administrative time spent on storage-related tasks has dropped to zero! 

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