At Tec-Refresh, we’re cybersecurity experts. Our security services have effectively kept networks safe from malicious activity such as ransomware. We take away the stress of maintaining your IT infrastructure and securing your network, allowing your staff to focus on daily business operations.

We’ll equip you to understand the current state of your security then help you develop better security processes.

NOC/SOC – Monitoring & Support

Unlike many solution providers, Tec-Refresh has two levels of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers. We can resolve issues during your first call and reduce the amount of time you’d have to waste being transferred to higher levels of support.

We combine NOC (Network Operations Center) and SOC (Security Operations Center) responsibilities to gain a holistic view of your organization. 

Vulnerability Assessments

Tec-Refresh will perform an initial vulnerability assessment of your network, company policies and procedures, and the security posture of your current infrastructure and firewall policies.

After the initial vulnerability assessment, our SOC provides continuous monthly vulnerability scans to help you proactively mitigate any potential threats. 

Penetration Testing

Tec-Refresh conducts an annual penetration test based on the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing guidelines, as well as on ongoing research.

If necessary, we conduct testing in accordance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines or Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA) standards. We design all of our testing engagements to meet or exceed compliance requirements.

Ransomware Recovery-as-a-Service

Often, recovering from a ransomware attack can be complex and time-consuming. Identifying the scope of the attack, locating the most recent clean data, and recovering quickly – all while ensuring your backups have not been deleted or encrypted – can be a significant investment for any organization.

Protect your data with Tec-Refresh’s Ransomware Recovery-as-a-Service (RRaaS).

Social Engineering Testing

Unfortunately, the weakest link in an organization’s network security is often not technology, but a human. Humans can be manipulated to provide access to network resources, allowing attackers to get around network defenses. To help you defend against attacks, our annual Social Engineering Test uses phishing, vishing, and other social engineering attacks to gain access to your network, data, and/or building. 

In addition to the annual test, Tec-Refresh performs monthly training campaigns to equip your staff to detect phishing emails and vishing phone calls.

Managed Detection Response

Because we continuously collect security-related data about your network, if an incident does occur, we have the data to quickly review what steps an attacker took. This saves time in investigating and gathering evidence after an incident.

Another benefit of such data collection is that we can restore systems to their state before the incident, reducing its impact on your business operations.

Visibility and Network Access Control

Tec-Refresh provides real-time, continuous, and agentless visibility and control for your network environment through Forescout CounterACT. We can see all IP-connected devices the instant they connect to your network, and can classify, assess and monitor those devices. In addition, our team handles IoT (Internet of Things), OT (Operational Technology), or virtual instances. Through this, we can control those devices through automated policies that provide notifications or access control measures based on the device’s hygiene.

Additionally, we can orchestrate security automation with your existing security and management products to rapidly respond to threats across your network.

Tec-Refresh, Inc. is an information security consulting firm which provides managed security services, risk management, and compliance services. Efrem Gonzales founded the company in 2010 on the principle of putting the customer first. Our solutions reduce complexity, simplify device compliance, and enhance network security. Tec-Refresh, Inc. has regional offices in Newport Beach, CA, Charlotte, NC and Boston, MA. Contact us to see how we can put our IT expertise and experience to work for you!

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