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Modern Backup Requirements & Challenges

The fundamental need to protect, recover, and archive data has not changed. But can the same be said about the character of those needs?

Downtime today means much more than it did in the past, affecting not only business processes but customer satisfaction and business reputation. At the same time, there is more data than ever, in more places than ever, and all of it needs to be managed and protected. The need to be able to quickly and accurately recover in the event of a lost machine—or a breach—has grown more acute.

If you built a backup and recovery solution to meet present-day needs, how would it resemble a traditional backup solution? How would it be distinct?

The requirement to support customizable SLAs based upon RPO and RTO, disaster recovery, and archival capability would stay the same, but you must also factor in new requirements. IT departments are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud models; they need hyperconverged infrastructures with modular scalability and increasing levels of virtualization.

A modern solution would provide support for easy data migration from on-premises to cloud, APIs and policy-based cloud data management (CDM) services, and cost-effective approaches to DR. It would support dynamic technologies like SQL and NoSQL, service delivery systems such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), and IT automation tools such as ServiceNow and others. It must encompass the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and the dynamic needs of DevOps teams that are eager to draw value from existing deep pools of data. And it would do all this with an unblinking eye on security, as ransomware attacks and data leakage remain ongoing threats.

Source: Rubrik Buyer’s Guide to Backup and Recovery

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