Unfortunately, the weakest link in an organization’s network security is often not technology, but a human. Humans can be manipulated to provide access to network resources, allowing attackers to get around network defenses. To help you defend against attacks, our annual Social Engineering Test uses phishing, vishing, and other social engineering attacks to gain access to your network, data, and/or building.

In addition to the annual test, Tec-Refresh performs monthly training campaigns to equip your staff to detect phishing emails and vishing phone calls.

What’s typically involved with Social Engineering Testing?

  • This is an underrated assessment, but it’s a key test. It’s quite easy to get access to at least one person – finging info via LinkedIn, Google, etc. they craft an email or phone call targeting that person, build rapport so they let their guard down, and get them to give up info or access. They can then get files, get access, get admin privileges, find passwords, send emails as a user, etc.
  • Socially engineer way into the building, getting past physical security, saying they’re there to meet a person, drop off a vending machine, upgrade something, etc. Drop a USB drive containing automated software, or a wireless access point.
  • Train users for recognizing, reporting, telling others.

Business Benefits of Tec-Refresh’s Social Engineering Testing Services

  • Raise awareness of social engineering danger.
  • Guard against social engineering attacks.
  • The goal of social engineering testing isn’t to shame anyone, but to educate and train. Want to train users to be self-sufficient and not need ongoing training.

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