Unlike many solution providers, Tec-Refresh has two levels of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers. We can resolve issues during your first call and reduce the amount of time you’d have to waste being transferred to higher levels of support.

We combine NOC (Network Operations Center) and SOC (Security Operations Center) responsibilities to gain a holistic view of your organization.

What’s typically involved with NOC/SOC Monitoring & Support?

  • Review entire environment to understand how network is architected, how everything flows in network. Take in logs from servers, firewalls, endpoints (computers and other devices used by users). Ingest in SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to analyze and correlate to known threats, issues. Look for evidence of compromise and unusual behavior. Investigate as necessary, mitigate risk.
  • Threat-hunting: review logs manually, looking for areas known to have vulnerabilities, as well as suspicious activity. Understand what’s happening at endpoint level.
  • Can be tuned to customer needs. If customer has security staff, Tec-Refresh can alert them. If customer doesn’t have security staff, Tec-Refresh can take immediate action for them.

Business Benefits of Tec-Refresh’s Network Operations Center/Security Operations Center Monitoring & Support

  • Professional, experienced eyes watching.
  • Fast alerting, responding.
  • Proactive rather than reactive.

Tec-Refresh, Inc. is an information security consulting firm which provides managed security services, risk management, and compliance services. Efrem Gonzales founded the company in 2010 on the principle of putting the customer first. Our solutions reduce complexity, simplify device compliance, and enhance network security. Tec-Refresh, Inc. has regional offices in Newport Beach, CA, Charlotte, NC and Boston, MA. Contact us to see how we can put our IT expertise and experience to work for you!

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