We’ll analyze your company’s network components and documentation to identify any weaknesses and risks. Additionally, our team will discuss our findings with you to help you better understand your current IT landscape including your network, security, storage, and computing assets.

What’s typically involved with Business Continuity Plan Review?

  • Review IT policies and procedures, business continuity policies and procedures (backup, recovery, archival, retention). Is it automated or manual? Is there a secondary disaster recovery (DR) site, to restore to another location if necessary? Backing up to tape, disk, or cloud?
  • Automate as much as possible (backup, disaster recovery, etc.).
  • If using tape backup, move to disk because it’s faster, easier to test, more reliable, easier and faster to recover. Backing up to disk can deduplicate (dedupe) and compress, so restore is faster. Disk backup can index contents of backups.
  • Is there a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place to position for disaster recovery? Is there an archive for longer-term storage based on retention policies? Is the plan outdated or not maintained? Interview staff to see if policy is being used. Why or why not? What issues exist with plan or equipment? Tune plan to meet customer’s needs and pain points.
  • How are tapes being handled? Where are they stored? An employee’s house? What if something happens to them?
  • Make Business Continuity Plan work effectively and efficiently.
  • Deduplicate and compress to get 30-80% reduction in data. This allows on site backup storage for longer periods, reducing need to transfer backups to or from off-site storage. That makes restoring faster.
  • Make Business Continuity Plan easier to plan and follow
  • Practice Business Continuity Plan. Who’s on call, who’s available, who gets reported to?

Business Benefits of Tec-Refresh’s Business Continuity Review

  • Minimize downtime/lost revenue.
  • Most critical: minimize recovery time for business-critical assets, minimize data loss in case of disaster (crash, ransomware, etc.).
  • ROI: deduplication and compression of disk backup saves money over tape backup (don’t have to buy tapes, replace tapes, store off-site, or pay to transport tapes from off-site storage).

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