The Importance of SIEM and Cyber Resiliency


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Sam Eubanks

Director, Global Information Security at Lonza @Lonza
Sam Eubanks is an IT leader with 20+ years of experience in an Information Security leadership role. Roles have included: -Information Security Officer, Pfizer -CISO, Capsugel -Director of Global Information Security, Lonza


Cyber Security Expert @Wells Fargo
Gary Howell became a transplant to Charlotte in 2012 when he relocated here as the CISO for Chiquita Brands. After Chiquita’s sudden departure in 2015, he served as CISO for Babcock & Wilcox until 2018. Able to guide a wide range of Cybersecurity topics, he is currently building a Continuous Improvement initiative for Wells Fargo. His leadership, commitment, and extensive background are a welcome addition to any venue where industry leaders gather to exchange information and learn from each other. Gary brings a unique, business-first success strategy to every endeavor, and his reputation in the security space is enviable. His ability to deliver quality solutions with a simple, practical approach can be a model for every company.


Chief Technology Officer @Tec-Refresh
Miguel Martinez is a penetration tester and CTO at Tec-Refresh, Inc. He started his career in IT as a network administrator, then transitioning into Security Operations and finally finding his place in offensive security as a penetration tester. Miguel interests include hardware hacking (voiding warranties), RF-Analysis (W6BIT), and spending time with his family.


In this panel discussion, you will hear from subject matter experts on the importance of SIEM and Cyber Resiliency. This informative panel discussion will illuminate the importance of SIEM, Cyber Resiliency, and the role of a trusted advisor.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What are the core methodologies of a SIEM, and why is it so important today?
  • Why is SIEM different now compared to five years ago and fast forward to the pandemic? What role should a SIEM play in organizations today?
  • The push for cloud initiatives has redefined business strategy and increased the attack landscape in many ways. What best practices should organizations think about when selecting a SIEM?
  • Cyber Resiliency is a broad topic, and discussions vary depending on verticals, organization, structure, compliance, regulatory requirements, and new norms.
  • Cyber Resiliency goes hand in hand with SIEM, and there are essential methodologies that need to be considered.
  • Organizations are presented with challenges every day when it comes to deploying a SIEM. Some organizations will deploy and manage on-premise, in the cloud, or as a service.

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Tec-Refresh and Logpoint

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