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VIDEO: Tec-Refresh @ Hacker Halted Cybersecurity Conference & Hacking Convention

Watch Efrem Gonzales, Founder & CEO​ of Tec-Refresh, discuss attendance at the 2019 Hacker Halted Cybersecurity Conference & Hacking Convention.

Why does Tec-Refresh attend the Hacker Halted Cybersecurity Conference & Hacking Convention?

Part of it is an investment in the infosec community, so for us we want to ensure that we’re actually contributing in the way of sharing our services with the group that attends here.

My name is Efrem Gonzales, President & CEO of Tec-Refresh. We’re actually a service provider. We decided to attend Hacker Halted just because it’s a great event to meet with the security community.

It’s important for us to be here because the infosec community is very diverse. There are multiple verticals so you have a lot of people in state and local education organizations here. Plus, there are a lot of CEOs and CIOs that attend these events. It’s important for us to be present because we actually connect with that community. For us to have a presence here it actually serves two fold: We stay connected to the customers, but we also stay connected to then community.

The conference has been fantastic. There have been a lot of people, like I said, it’s a very diverse group across multiple verticals so we’re excited to be here.

About Hacker Halted

Hacker Halted is EC-Council’s annual IT Security Conference and plays host to over 50 speakers delivering ground breaking presentations! Hacker Halted builds on the educational foundation of EC-Councils courses in ethical hacking, computer forensics, pen testing, and many others. Hacker Halted brings the industry’s leading researchers, practitioners, ethical hackers and other top IT Security professionals together to discuss current issues facing our industry. To learn more, visit

About Tec-Refresh, Inc.

Tec-Refresh, Inc. is an information security consulting firm which provides managed security services, risk management, and compliance services. Efrem Gonzales founded the company in 2010 on the principle of putting the customer first. Our solutions reduce complexity, simplify device compliance, and enhance network security. To learn more, contact us or download our brochure.