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Faster Ransomware Recovery with Tec-Refresh’s Ransomware Remediation

With ransomware attacks continuing to rise, organizations are often forced to trade-off paying the ransom with costly downtime. Even with defense mechanisms in place, extortionists continue to find new mechanisms to encrypt organizations’ data.

Backups are one of the most – if not the most – important defense against ransomware. But if subject to corruption, attackers will use it against you. Advanced ransomware is now targeting backups – modifying or completely wiping them out. The importance of cyber resiliency and the need for faster ransomware recoveries from immutable backups that cannot be compromised is more important than ever.

Our Approach

Often, recovering from a ransomware attack can be complex and time-consuming. Identifying the scope of the attack, locating the most recent clean data, and recovering quickly – all while ensuring your backups have not been deleted or encrypted – can be a significant investment for any organization.

With Tec-Refresh, all of your data is stored in an immutable format, preventing ransomware from ever accessing and encrypting your backups in the first place. In the event of an attack, Tec-Refresh provides fast recovery to the most recent clean state, granular visibility into the scope of the attack, and can alert you to unusual behavior leveraging machine learning.

Native Immutability to Safeguard Backups

Ensure backups are not compromised by ransomware through built-in immutability. Data managed by Tec-Refresh is never available in a read/write format and cannot be read, modified, or deleted by an external malicious actor.

Keep Your Backups Safe

Tec-Refresh combines an immutable filesystem with a zero-trust cluster design in which operations can only be performed through authenticated APIs. This means that once data is written it cannot be read, modified, or deleted. Other data management systems tend to use general-purpose storage that leverages standard protocols such as NFS and SMB. This can leave your backup storage system vulnerable to ransomware.

Fast Recoveries to Minimize Downtime

Easily identify the most recent clean version of data and enable instant, file-level recoveries. Plug into automation frameworks with RESTful APIs to further increase operational efficiency.

Recover with Near-Zero RTOs

Tec-Refresh’s Live Mount delivers near-zero RTOs to accelerate data access for instant recovery. Users can browse and recover files, objects, and tables from VMs as well as physical SQL Server and Oracle databases. Tec-Refresh’s Cloud-Scale File System has built-in zero-byte cloning capabilities that minimize storage consumption while allowing any number of mounts to be created.

Granular Visibility to Reduce Data Loss

Quickly identify which applications and files were impacted through intuitive data visualizations and roll back with file-level granularity. Minimize the risk of data loss associated with mass restores that include uncompromised data.

Understand Scope of Damage

Once you have detected an attack, in-depth intelligence compares the post-attack snapshot with the snapshot immediately before to see what was added, deleted, or modified. Tec-Refresh exposes the analysis in the management console, so you can see exactly the scope of the damage, what you need to recover, and where encrypted files are located with file-level granularity. Tec-Refresh can also apply machine learning on application metadata to alert you of unusual activity.

Ransomware Recovery Checklist

Protect your data with Tec-Refresh’s Ransomware Recovery-as-a-Service (RRaaS)Contact us today to ensure your business has a ransomware incident response plan.