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Selecting a Backup & Recovery Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Changing backup vendors always requires some level of technical or organizational effort. So, if you’re considering a change, here are some questions to ask:

  • Is the backup solution something that has been around for years with little change?
  • Is it something created from multiple company acquisitions that have been cobbled together?
  • Does it require multiple systems and interfaces for managing backup and recovery, replication, archival, and compliance?
  • Does it require dedicated employees with specialized skillsets to manage it?
  • What kinds of professional services will this change require?
  • What kind of personnel training?

You will want to know not only how well a new solution will accommodate the complexities of the environment you currently have, but even more importantly, how well it will support the environment you will have in the future.

If in that future environment you see a widening array of applications and technologies—from locally attached network-attached storage (NAS) appliances to cloud archives, from SaaS offerings to NoSQL databases—you need to be sure that the vendor you select can provide the support you will need to achieve your vision.

Backup innovation begins with recognizing that a new approach needs to align with the dramatic technology changes and data growth in centers over the past decade.

Today, there are new approaches from industry visionaries who understand how to meet business needs in a period of rapid change.

Source: Rubrik Buyer’s Guide to Backup and Recovery

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