Data & Security Operations

Center Solutions

As the amount of information being pushed on the enterprise continues to grow exponentially, there is an ever increasing need to maintain, access, and protect this data.


Data and network protection seeks to balance several divergent, yet business critical objectives simultaneously. A well designed, implemented and managed data protection system will employ many different technologies and processes that, together, allow a business to:

  • Comply with internal policies and external regulations
  • Promote operational efficiency
  • Ensure business continuance in the event of a disaster
  • Minimize both operational and capital expenditures
  • Proactively identify and remedy security issues before they become catastrophic
  • Monitor and remedy attacks on a network

The evolution of existing technologies like tape and hard drives and the introduction of new technologies like, most recently reduplication, force businesses to re-evaluate their data protection plans on a two to three year cycle. This is because data continues to grow at an increasing rate. Technological improvements, like hard drives with twice the capacity for the same price; and tapes with twice the density and 50% more throughout, for example, can dramatically impact a business’ ability to deal with additional data.

  • Data and Security Operations Center Solutions

Your data center implementation should be designed to help you reach your business goals. That’s why Tec-Refresh offer a full spectrum of data center solutions, from move-unready to custom-built. So we can quickly design a custom solution that helps you accomplish your business goals today while securing your vision for tomorrow.
In addition, we have recently launched two Security Operations Centers (SOC) in Southern California and Charlotte, N.C. The facilities will conduct threat hunting and practice scanning in addition to the traditional monitoring and response services that are provided by typical offerings, including:

    • Real-time monitoring
    • Data flow analysis
    • Continuous active vulnerability scanning incident investigation
    • Malware analysis
    • Proactive hunting
    • Alert analysis and triage
    • Firewall management
    • Network management
    • IDS/IPS management
    • Backup-as-a-service
    • Disaster recovery



Network Infrastructure

Tec-Refresh can optimally configure your company’s network infrastructure to take advantage of today’s advanced routing and switching technology to meet the increasing demands for bandwidth.

We can improve network performance while reducing operational costs. Through the use of advanced routing routing and switching capabilities, along with network optimizing appliances, we can effectively and securely connect networks, while integrating voice, video and data. These solutions can be integrated into or on top of an existing infrastructure to simplify ongoing operations and improve network and application services.


Security and Compliance

Your infrastructure and applications require a secure environment to keep your company up and running. To achieve this, it is fundamental that everyone involved clearly understands the processes and the preemptive and responsive measures that will need to be put in place.

That’s why, at Tec-Refresh, we believe that security is a shared responsibility between us. This teamwork requires input from your company and our technical experts. Each has a role to play in protecting your application’s infrastructure and data.

Network Tools and Monitoring

Information technology directly affects business intelligence and enterprise productivity as the network plays an increasingly central role. The network ties together every element of cloud provisioning and service or application delivery. To handle this, monitoring tools must provide a broader set of information.

Tec-Refresh can engineer a network monitoring strategy that links together a number of tools for servicer monitoring, network uptime, anomaly detection and packet inspection.

Virtualization (Application Networking)

Server Virtualization technology has given us the ability to reduce the amount of rack space required to accommodate multiple servers and reduce the cost of powering and cooling data centers.

By using network virtualization to merge networks for better performance, Tec-Refresh can virtualize multiple networks and turn them into a single “pipe” (a pipe is a technique for passing information from one program process to another).

Cloud Networking

The latest development in networking is an emerging set of solutions referred to as Cloud Networking. What is Cloud Networking? It is the logical evolution of the trend of data center consolidation. The cloud presents a means of centralizing all the data and applications in a transparent infrastructure that can be extended when needed. The cloud requires the ability to abstract and virtualize every layer – well being virtualizing servers.