Fortinet UTM Named Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader 8 Years Running

The year 2017 marks the eighth time in a row that Fortinet has been named a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management (UTM). Gartner ranks Fortinet higher than any competitor in its ability to execute and among the highest in its completeness of vision. The report notes the quality of Fortinet's performance and pricing for SMB customers, its large threat research team and the integration of many products through its Fortinet Security Fabric.

How Fortinet makes a difference for SMBs

Smaller businesses are regular targets for criminals due to several factors. They face difficult security challenges with limited resources. The increased use of mobile devices, cloud services and Wi-Fi has fueled network growth. Trying to protect all the components separately is complicated and likely to leave gaps. Security products from multiple vendors don't always work well together.

To make sure their networks are fully covered, many SMBs are turning to Unified Threat Management (UTM), also known as Multifunction Firewalls. This approach centralizes control and notification. System managers can keep track of network security status without having to examine multiple sources in different formats. A large security staff is seldom cost-effective for businesses with under 1,000 employees, and UTM avoids the need for one. Fortinet stands out in the flexibility and thoroughness of its UTM offerings.

Network protection shouldn’t come at the expense of performance. Fortinet offers ASIC-accelerated appliances to provide a high level of protection without slowing traffic down. Additional Fortinet products can be introduced to the network as it grows, without fragmenting the security structure.

The Leader quadrant

Gartner is widely regarded as the leading research and advisory company in the world. Its evaluations help businesses find the best solutions for security and other technology needs. The firm’s Magic Quadrants display the relative positions of competitors in a market. Fortinet stands in the Leader quadrant because it presents a strong vision for the future as well as delivering top-quality results today.

Gartner estimates that by the year 2022, 25% of SMBs will use multifunction firewalls (UTM), up from less than 2% in 2017. The report lists numerous reasons UTM appeals to SMBs, including browser-based management, a short learning curve, and localized software. The market is a dynamic one, and leaders constantly add new functions to their platforms.

The benefits of choosing Fortinet

Security for a network requires defense in depth. Simply protecting individual devices and putting a firewall around them isn't enough. Fortinet goes beyond this level, maintaining communication with all points on the network. It watches for abnormal traffic, which can be a sign of a threat or breach that otherwise would escape notice.

SMBs need both simplicity and effectiveness in meeting their special security challenges. They can't afford a specialized security team. They need to make sure that as their network changes, its security measures will adapt without a lot of manual effort. They don't have the time to read through detailed logs to pull out the most important information.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant recognizes Fortinet as a leader whose technology and products let businesses maintain the level of protection they need for today's internet. Fortinet's Security Fabric offers many advantages for SMBs. It unifies network protection and covers all points on the network's attack surface. System managers can review and manage all security capabilities through a unified console. Ongoing innovation assures them they'll stay protected as threats change in the future. Having a single vendor and support contact makes threat management easier.

For SMBs with small budgets and big security concerns, Fortinet is a powerful option. As a Fortinet partner, Tec-Refresh delivers their winning UTM solution for growing companies.Contact us to learn more.